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February 5, 2023

Detecting Anxiety in Kids

Got a worry wart? You’re not alone. Plenty of kids fret about things large and small — just like adults can. It’s hard on you, tho, when you’re not able to comfort your child. Worse, if your child has some kind of anxiety disorder. Too much anxiety can interfere with healthy development. Learn how to recognize the signs that worrying may have developed into something more difficult to manage:

Detecting Anxiety in Kids

• When they have trouble separating from you:
Difficulty being separated from parents in early childhood is normal, but it becomes an imbalance for a child if he can’t be separated from you by age 7.

• Constantly worrying about performance, practicing enough or constantly fretting about meeting expectations is a sign of over anxiousness.

• When kids are afraid of ALL dogs or mascots or bugs or the dark or something else, they can tremble, sweat, cry, etc. and develop a phobia about it.

•  When an otherwise talkative child stops himself from speaking to others when he’s away from you, essentially muting himself, it can be a sign of severe anxiety.

Do you need help for this?

If you are very concerned about your child’s level of anxiety, you can have him evaluated. Start with your pediatrician who knows your child and get tips for things you can do to help smooth things out. If your efforts don’t help to alleviate your child’s anxiety, ask for a referral to a psychologist.

Source: The Child Mind Institute

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