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February 4, 2023

Dad’s Mini Toolbox

Get a head start on your Father’s Day gift by making it yourself!

If your dad loves his tools, then he’ll surely love this mini toolbox you made for him. He can keep change, keys and anything else in it, too.

What You Need
Crayola tin
Red spray paint
Drawer pull
Hot Glue

What You Do
1.    Buy a small tin and drawer pull. We liked the size of the Crayola tin that you can purchase separately to hold crayons.
2.    Clean off any and all stickers.
3.    Spray paint the entire outside of the tin red.
4.    Allow to dry completely.
5.    Once dry, put hot glue on the parts of the handle that will touch the lid and set it in place in the center. Allow to dry.

Note: Since Dad will not actually use this for carrying tools, the handle is more for decoration.



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