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May 27, 2024

Dad Crafted with Us, too!

It was hilarious getting my husband in on the family crafting session I had this weekend. It was like I threw him in a lingerie store and said pick something out for me and it better be right!

My daughter loves this time each weekend where we make all sorts of crafts. She was excited to tell Daddy what to do. It was his hesitation, though, that I think our 2-year-old son picked up on. He wanted no part of the mess we were making. And he said just that … “That messy!”

We were making hand-print turkeys. So, it required putting paint on our hands.

Our little guy cringed at the thought and tried to pull away. But, it was Daddy asking him if he wanted to do it, who already showed him signs of hesitation. Thanks, DAD! We coaxed him into it, though. That was only when I allowed him to paint my hand with the paint and paint brush. He was delighted to do that part.

Then, I showed him how his big sister helped me stamp my hand on the paper and lift it off revealing the turkey.

He was so excited to see the process. So, I just told Daddy to shut it and play along. LOL! One more word out of him and our hard work of getting our 2-year-old to finger paint with us will be undone.

When it was time to put the paint on his little hand, I allowed his sister to do it. He giggled as she said “bwa-ha-ha-ha, here comes the paint!” He even replied that it was cold. Once the paint was on, move out of the way, because this little guy was ready to make his print! He smacked his hand down and grinned up with delight. TRIUMPH!

When it was my husband’s turn, he reluctantly stuck his hand out and allowed them to paint his hand. So, we now had a little row of turkeys for each of us. Daddy started to get into it a little bit more when he saw how excited the kiddos were at making such a creative mess. We had paint on the table, the floor, our socks, our shirts and even our noses. But, we didn’t care. It washes off. We were having fun!

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Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.