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February 3, 2023

Cute TeePee for Kids

Kids love to escape to somewhere cool in the house. Instead of forts, give them a teepee to play in!

B. TeePee Tent
Ages 3 and older | B. Toys | | $39.99 at Target

Kids love a little hiding spot in their room and teepees are making a comeback, too. This one sets up easily as the poles slide right into individual sleeves to keep them in place. It stands sturdily because the four-cornered bottom features poles along the crevices, too. All the poles are small, lightweight and connect at the corners to hold them still. This cool little teepee also features a light that hangs from an attached loop on the ceiling, kind of like a pull string lamp!

Available in raspberry and sea (both the same size), so both boys and girls have a teepee to hide in!



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