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March 26, 2023

Cupcake Top Magnets

For those cupcake lovers, these cute little cupcake top magnets make a great gift … or craft them for yourself! They create a look as though you are looking down onto a pretty cupcake, but there is a magnet underneath to make them useful.

What You’ll Need
White caulk and caulking gun
Decorative hole punch (mine is about 2″)
Hot glue
Glitter glue/paint

What You’ll Do

  1. With your decorative hole punch, punch out a bunch of circles.
  2. Take the caulk and squirt a little in the center. If it’s a new tube, you can cut the opening to make the thickness of the “icing” thicker. If your paper punch is small, you’ll want a smaller hole in the caulk container to make a smaller “icing” top.
  3. Now go around that little bit in a circle to swirl it like icing. Let it dry completely before decorating it with glitter glue/paint.
  4. Once fully dry through and through, hot glue a magnet to the bottom and then you’re all done!


• While doing this craft, it may be of the parent’s best interest to use the caulk gun. Once that is dry, allow your child of any age decorate the cupcake top.

• We also found that if you taped the paper circles to your craft paper that’s protecting your table top surface, they will not move around while putting the caulk on them.

• If you want to, you can find thick, vellum/plastic like paper at your local craft store in the scrapbook section. You can buy them per sheet, too. This would be better than using paper as it will be more stable.

• Careful while making these as they look good enough to eat in the eyes of little ones.

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