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April 18, 2024

Cozy Soft Blankies

ComfyCritter Shark2

We’ve seen towels like this, but having a hooded blanket is a bonus!

I know my daughter loves to just snuggle in her hooded towel after her bath. I typically have to peel it off her to get her dressed. We all know that something covering your head adds extra warmth to your body, right? So, why not have a blanket that does just that! Introducing the Comfy Critters Huggable Hooded Blanket!

Now, after her bath, she doesn’t have to throw her covers up over her head, she can just use a Comy Critter blanket to keep her warm. These cozy little blankets are made of super soft chenille fleece. And, they really are super soft! They are also big enough to cover your child being 47″ W x 36 ” H. They are easy to fold up and they fold right into the hood, creating a super soft character to rest your head on, too. There are no zippers to poke at you and the clasp is made of the same fabric and attaches with velcro. You definitely need one for each child, as they will all want to snuggle up to one.ComfyCritter Shark

There are a variety of animals to choose from like Seymour the Shark (seen here), Unity the Unicorn and more. They even have Easter characters like a bunny, lamb and chick — which would make a great addition to Easter Baskets.

Comfy Critters


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