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July 13, 2024

local stockpiling moms share cost-cutting tips!

Since 2009, local moms Melissa Jennings and Shelley King have been blogging as Stockpiling Moms ( and sharing ideas on living frugally. Jennings shares a couple secrets for you:
“Never go to the store without a shopping plan!” she says.  “If you do, you will not save as much as when you plan your trip before you shop. By strategically using coupons and matching your coupons to the sales ad you will be able to save 50 – 70 percent when you shop.” She adds that shoppers shouldn’t use a coupon just because they have it, and instead to wait for the best deals to save more.
Stockpiling Moms releases a new book, Savvy Saving, including all their top tips and money-saving ideas on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Cost is $11.99 and is available at or

Head to their book signing on Jan. 14 at Florence Square (7663 Mall Road) at 2 p.m.
If you’re the type who prefers to learn in person, you’re in luck. The Stockpiling Moms hold classes regularly on couponing, stockpiling, menu planning and more.  Head to for a full schedule of activities this month and in months ahead.

For more information on Stockpiling Moms, call 859-363-8807 or visit

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