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May 27, 2024

Corn Cob Bird Feeder

Crafts are not for the birds … or are they?

This is a little, messy craft for kids that benefits the birds, too! After having corn on the cob one night for dinner, save the cobs and let them dry out in the sun or on a window sill — you will need these for this craft.

What you need
Leftover Cobs
Peanut Butter
Wire Hanger
Wire Cutters
Paper Plate

 What you do

  1. Have a grownup cut the handle part of the wire hanger off with the wire cutters and bend the hanger at the middle and then at the ends at about two inches.
  2. Take your empty cob while it is still moist and push the ends of the hanger into each end of the cob and hang it to dry.
  3. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it to the top of the hanger as decoration.
  4. Spread out a bunch of birdseed over a paper plate.
  5. Spread peanut butter all over the dried cob with a spoon.
  6. Set the peanut butter covered cob on the plate with the seed and press seeds into the peanut butter all over it.
  7. Take it outside and hang it in a tree.

Now you have a cute little bird feeder! This also creates a little perch for the birdies to sit on as they eat.

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