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February 4, 2023

Choosing Extra-Curriculars for Kids

Do you pick your child’s extra-curricular activities or do you let your child choose? With so many opportunities available in our area, how do you know what to pick?

The kids are home from school and they’ll glue themselves to TV is they can — only too much TV’s not good for them. What should you do? Enrichment may be the answer, but there’s so many extra-curriculars offered for kids, how do you know what you should pick?

Draw From Your Child’s Talent

Learning to recognize your child’s individual talents is the first step toward enriching his experiences in those areas. It’s important to encourage your child in as many experiences as possible so he can discover where his interests lie. All children have natural gifts which will reveal themselves sooner or later.

Visit Programs Before Enrolling

Take your child to visit the programs that interest him. You’ll both get a much more in-depth understanding of the class, teacher and other students by actually attending. Don’t make an assumption based on something you’ve read. Get as much information as possible.

Avoid Over-Scheduling

As much value as there is in extra activities, there is a fine line to be managed: how do you know when your child’s overscheduled? Take into account your child’s individual stamina. There should be plenty of time for homework, chores, playing with friends and daydreaming.

Monitor Development

Is your child really enjoying and benefitting from his extra activities? Ask him about it, and note if he is ambivalent or eager to return each time there is another class. For as much as he may be learning, it’s equally important for him to have fun.


Widen Your Child’s Horizons

  • Assemble an arts and crafts box at home and fill with a variety of materials.
  • Create a costume trunk and encourage your kids to perform a theatrical show for the family.
  • Provide opportunities for your children to have meaningful experiences. Take them to museums, the zoo, nature programs, and other unique events offered locally.
  • Schedule regular family outings to live concerts, theater, music, dance, art exhibits, sporting events and other programs.
  • Encourage your child to pursue his interests and be a cheerleader of support.
  • Spark interest in your child’s sense of self-discovery by signing up for an art class together. Your enthusiasm and interest will be contagious.




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