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February 3, 2023

The Center for Courageous Kids

Summer camp might seem far off, but one special camp operates year-round and provides fun respite for kids and families.  The Center for Courageous Kids, a non-profit medical camping facility located in Scottsville, KY, is for kids with life-threatening illnesses.  The campus features an on-site medical center in addition to activities like swimming, horseback riding, boating, fishing, theater and more.  Week-long summer camps are illness specific, meaning that kids get to meet other kids facing the same kinds of challenges.  Year-round weekend retreats are available so families can meet other families with similar experiences.  The programs are all FREE to attend.

Call 270-618-2900 or visit to learn more, and hear from campers and families about their experiences at The Center for Courageous Kids!


“No parent ever expects to hear that your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  In that instant, your world is turned upside-down and you immediately focus on protecting and caring for your child; everything else gets placed on the back burner.  Thankfully, there is a place like CCK where Claire can gain self-esteem and independence in a fun,  caring environment, independent from home.  As a Mom,  I can take great comfort in knowing she is safe and well-cared for at CCK.” – Camper Mom


“To be honest, we were so thankful that Travis was still alive, that summer camp was something we just never considered, because of all the medical complexities that existed.  Until you have the CCK experience, words can only tell part of the story.  What is felt through CCK is quite breathtaking.  They are making a difference in the lives of children and the lives of their families.  CCK has forever changed our lives.” – Camper Mom

“I just feel safe and loved.  I can’t wait until next year, when I come again”  -CCK Camper


“I just want to live here ALL the time.”  – CCK Camper

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“At CCK, I can have fun, be myself and quit worrying about being different. Camp is life-changing and makes me feel like I belong.”  – CCK Camper

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“CCK is such an awesome place! Our kids both love all the wonderful activities they get to experience at CCK – horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, arts/crafts, woodworking, and messy games. Each time our daughter has come to CCK, she has always been encouraged to try something new by the counselors. She has done things that the counselors have encouraged her to do, that she would have never tried with us.”  – Camper Mom


“The Center for Courageous Kids is absolutely incredible! My son looks forward to the next year, immediately after returning! Your location is beautiful and your staff is amazing. The camp brings a positive light to my son’s life. It is my hope that he is able to continue to come to camp each year, and even at 12 he has stated that once he’s too old to be a camper, he would like to go to be a counselor! He loves CCK!”  – Camper Mom


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