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July 15, 2024

Car Rides Just Got Quieter

Do you constantly hear “Mommy, I dropped my toy!”? Want to end that game? Then join me in the fight for parents to regain control of the car ride and the constant begging of the children to grab their toy with Kiddie Catch-All.

I stopped the endless car game my 4-year-old has started with one, easy-to-use basket. My daughter is notorious for “dropping” her things while in the car. We all know, that most of the time they simply throw it down just to see how many times they have to ask before you actually pick it up for them. Oh, and what about those times when it is WAY too far out of reach, and they don’t yet understand that you are not Stretch Armstrong?

The Kiddie Catch-All, created by a mom and grandma, is a little basket designed to fit almost any seat your child will have to occupy while in the car up until the age where they will not need something to hold toys or objects to keep them occupied. It easily attached to my daughter’s high-back booster seat and easily holds a drink and snack for her. Which is GREAT if you know it is getting close to lunch time and you have to go somewhere. She told me she wasn’t hungry when we got in the car, as most children might say, but I told her that it was there for her if she did get hungry. Sure enough, she was taking a drink and snacking … without begging me to get it for her!

In our van, the middle seats have arm rests, and this basket even attaches to that! You can also adjust the depth of the basket with just a couple of easy steps. You can also take the basket off the hook to wash. The Kiddie Catch-All can hold just about anything.

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Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.