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February 5, 2023

Camera Coats!

Yep, there is such a thing. Who would’ve thought? Camera Coats are padded covers that fit your specific camera (in FIVE different camera sizes). It’s great for parents that like to just throw their camera over their shoulder and head out with the kids. I know I hate hauling around my big camera case. So, if you know you’re only going to use just one lens and there’s enough room on your memory card, this is the best little cover for your camera.

Each Camera Coat Offers:• water-resistant outside
• padded, soft cotton inside
• buckle to attach the coat to your camera strap
• big, strong Velcro closure
• three little pockets on the outside

I liked how the buckle clips the coat right to your camera. Don’t worry, you can slide it out of the way and still have it attached to your camera. Just don’t have very important items in the little pocket if you decide to let the coat hang over your back while you use your camera. I also found that … me with my big tote purse … could more easily carry my camera without the big case and keep it from getting gunked up from all the kid stuff you can find in my purse … like suckers, candy, food, snot rags … you get the point. The Camera Coat covers it up nicely without adding lots of extra bulkiness.

Camera Coats
$30 and up

Available in a wide variety of colors and fabric options from cotton to rain slicky.




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