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June 19, 2024

Brilliant Candles!

Light up the room with real wax candles … without the flame using the new Flameless LED Candles by Enjoy Lighting.

These lightly scented candles are made of real wax with three built-in LED lights in the center that flicker like a real flame.  Now, I know that flameless candles have been around for some time now, but these candles are truly unique.  They can be set to a timer where it will come on and turn off at exactly the same time everyday if you so choose it to.  You don’t even have to walk over and turn it on yourself … unless you change your mind about when it comes on or you just want it on all day.  

Pick a time that you want to turn it on … like say about 6 p.m. … then turn it on at that time.  Then choose a duration you want to set it to. It will then turn off after that time is up and then turn back on at the same time the next day!

These candles are great for families with curious pets and/or children … such as myself.  I have them both – doggies that want to try to sniff the flame and a toddler who knows fire is bad and always tries to get to it to blow it out.  These candles look and appear so real, she still tries to blow it out!

With these candles, you can create the same ambience as a regular candle, but without the worry of a flame.

Now, you must also remember that these candles are made of real wax, so they are flammable and can stain untreated wood, some smooth, lightly colored surfaces and cloths.  So, be sure to set it on an appropriate base for best use.  They will also dent and scratch up just like a regular candle, too.

These candles are also shaped like real candles that have been burning for a while – a nice touch to a fake candle.

The Signature Collection candles have a switch to pick for a lighting time of 4, 6 or 8 hours as well as the Off, On (which is constantly on) and Timer (set it for a set hour time chosen).  The regular Flameless LED Candle only has the option for constantly on, off or a 4-hour timer.  The candles also come in a variety of colors, sizes, textures and they all require AA batteries.

Signature Collection Flameless Real Wax Candle with LED lights and the Flameless LED Candle vary in price $16.99 and up.  However, you may find them on sale now where they are sold locally. Check their site to find a store near you!

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