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March 2, 2024

A Brief Guide to Pokemon Go

Go to any park or public place and you’ll probably see people searching for Pokémon with Pokémon Go. Who knew you could find a Pikachu sitting on a swingset or by a fountain in your nearest park? There have been a few things in the news about the dangers that could come along with this fun game. So here’s some basic information about the game to get you started.


Download the free app on your Android or iOS phone.  In what is known as “augmented reality,” the goal of the game is to get you to explore the real world while catching Pokemon.  Every time the app is opened it warns its users to be aware of their surroundings. The app uses the camera and GPS to show players where to go and to catch the Pokémon when they have reached their location. Although it encourages users to walk around to find their Pokémon, they can stay within the safety of their home and catch em’ all. (While writing this I have already caught nine Pokémon of my own!)


Collect the Pokemon you catch, and then you can upgrade them for battles and collect medals.

Watch out for your kids while they are playing this game. The app will direct them wherever the Pokémon might be, whether it be on a sidewalk, down the street, or in the middle of a parking lot. Always know where they are and remind kids to watch where they are going so they don’t end up on private property or someplace dangerous.  Better yet, play the game with them and you’ll find out just how much fun it can be!


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