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October 3, 2023

Bedtime Buddies

Getting young children to go to sleep can sometimes be a chore, and now there’s a fun new way to encourage sleepy heads to nod off. Straight from Shnoozleland are the Shnoozles — Shu-Shu (brown) and Shah-Shah (pink). These cute, soft plush pals donning colorful night shirts are fun for little ones to play with during the day. Come bedtime, simply untuck the hidden eyelids to put your child’s Shnoozle “to sleep.”

Created by Sun Moon Enterprise, the story behind the Shnoozles is the Shleepy Willow tree in Shnoozleland. Every time a child is heard fussing during bedtime, the tree produces a seed that grows into a Shnoozle. For ages 2 and older, it’s a fesetive way to celebrate sleep time.

Shnoozles are $19.99 each, or get both for $34.99. Available at



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