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May 19, 2024

Mom Report: Becoming Mom Spa in Florence

Pregnancy often focuses on baby, but spend some time to focus on yourself too with a day of pampering at Becoming Mom Spa in Florence, Ky.

Kentucky ladies who are trying to conceive, expecting a new bundle of joy or going through post-partum healing, REJOICE! Florence, Kentucky is now home to the newest location of the Becoming Mom Spa family. Offering massage therapy, facials and the most amazing elective ultrasound experiences available, Becoming Mom is a one-stop shop for motherhood and self-love.


Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but also one that can be strenuous on the body. Thankfully, massage therapy is available for all stages of motherhood at Becoming Mom.

-Preconception massage breaks up adhesions and promotes pelvic blood circulation, increasing natural and IVF conception rates.

-Pregnancy massages can be done during any trimester; they can be boosted with add-ons to help common pregnancy aches and pains like headaches, swollen ankles and congestion. -Post-natal massages focus on healing and restoration and can help realign posture.

-Or make an appointment for a couples massage!

From personal experience, I can tell you pregnancy massages at Becoming Mom are amazing. The miracle that is life can really take a toll on a growing momma’s body. During my first pregnancy, I was surprised at how low my son was positioned in my body; I was shocked to audibly be able to hear my pelvic bone pop! These are the things people don’t tell you about in pregnancy, right? Getting a massage helped to alleviate pressure on my hips and eased my muscle tension which had developed due to my growing bump. Carrying around a bowling ball all day long can really wear you out, and I fully recommend treating yourself to a massage if you are pregnant.

Likewise, as a mother of a rambunctious 2 year old, I fully appreciated the recent massage I had at the new Florence location! My son is a regular fixture on my left hip, and boy do I get sore. My body felt great as massage therapist Lori targeted my trouble areas, and my mind went completely blank (in a good way) during the scalp massage. After an hour, my body was loose and my mind was ready to face whatever came my way.

Skin Care

Some mom’s get a beautiful glow during pregnancy and other ladies find they need a little skin TLC. The facials at Becoming Mom use natural products to address the havoc hormones can have on mom’s skin.

Cincinnati Family Magazine Editor, Amanda Hayward had the following to say about her recent facial experience at Becoming Mom:

“The lighter mask is made from all natural, organic products. It literally smells like baby cereal! (Perfect and soothing for an expecting mom).
They added steam to help toxins exit the pores, and it preps face for a nourishing face mask.

The second mask did a deeper cleaning, specifically for my skincare needs! Even though I wasn’t having hormonal breakouts from pregnancy, I was having them from pre-menstrual breakouts. They were able to detect that! Whatever mama’s skin needs are, they choose the mask accordingly!

Add a relaxing foot massage and soothing hot stone massage around the eyes to help circulate the blood flow, you will leave the spa like a new and refreshed Expecting mama!”

Elective Ultrasound

Mom’s who “Just Can’t Wait” to find out if they are having a boy or girl can choose to get gender determination as early as 16 weeks at Becoming Mom Spa! As a type-A planner I went to Becoming Mom Spa for all 3 of my babies, all of whom turned out to be boys. It was so exciting to find out early and see baby again a whole month before the 20 week anatomy scan at my Obstetrician. It was so fun to look back at ultrasounds of each of my boys and compare it to what they looked like when they were born. It was amazing to see how realistic the ultrasound images were; we even played a matching game at my final baby shower to see if my guests could correctly guess which baby belonged to which ultrasound- so fun!!!

Overall, pregnancy is a such a time of wonder. When will baby arrive? How big will they be? Will they have moms eyes or dads chin? An elective 2d/3d/Hd Ultrasound gives mom and her guests a sneak peek at what baby looks like before their big debut as baby’s image is projected on a 42 inch screen plasma TV, for the very best view. You may even get to see baby’s hair!

If you are looking for a gift for big brother or big sister, add on a heartbeat keepsake stuffed animal to any ultrasound. These adorable stuffed animals hold within them a recording of baby’s heartbeat; this sound allows bonding and comfort, plus they are super cute!    

The new Becoming Mom Spa in Florence, Ky offers great services for the whole journey of motherhood. The Spa is fresh and clean with a warm and welcoming staff… it pampers, calms and rejuvenates the women who deserve it most. Take the time to treat yourself… remember… you can’t pour from an empty cup, make the time to take care of yourself.

Becoming Mom Spa is located at 7715 Mall Road in Florence. Give them a call at (859) 594-9090, or visit for more information.

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Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).