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May 29, 2024

Bathe Baby in Cleaner Water

Have you ever noticed the water in Baby’s little tub seems to get dirty fast? Yeah, babies aren’t usually all that dirty, but sometimes they can be. With the Cleanwater Collection by 4Moms, you can clean Baby in his little tub with continuous clean water. Also, with it’s built-in digital thermometer, you can quickly see if the water is the right temp. Since you will be running the water the entire time you’re bathing him, you can easily keep an eye on the temp, too.

So, yes, you will be running the water, much like you taking a shower. The water is to flow at one end of the tub to monitor the temp as well as flow into the bathing area. There’s a little drain area on the side to allow the dirty water to be pushed right out, too. The curvature of the tub fits Baby’s little body just right and you’ll love that it comes with a rinse cup that snaps into its designated spot to keep it close by. Now you don’t have to worry about holding onto Baby while trying to be Stretch Armstrong reaching for a cup.

Here’s what you get:

  • Cleanwater Collection includes infant tub, spout cover and bath sponge (items not sold separately)
  • Infant tub comes with snap-in rinse cup, fits most single and double basin sinks (or use in the bathtub)
  • Digital Spout Cover

Overall, this is the perfect little tub for your new bundle of joy.





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