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May 19, 2024

Baby’s Li’l Helper

Usually, it’s the little ones that are your little helpers, right? Well, now Baby has his own Li’l Helper.

The Li’l Helper baby bottle holder is a uniquely designed holder that allows Baby to easily hold his bottle. The curve of the holder fits just right across Baby’s chest as he holds it for a little added support. It fits most bottle sizes and features built-in tiny rattlers. So, Baby is also entertained while feeding. It’s great to have when on the go. Baby can still have his bottle while you’re pushing him around in the stroller.

This is a good item to have as it could help with his fine motor skills. Baby will soon learn that when he moves his hand away from his face, the bottle moves away, too.

Bottle not included. Comes in pink, blue, natural and green.

Li’l Helper
$14.99 each




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