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July 15, 2024

Babies: Weird Way to Get a Rash

Guard against Baby getting hot and sticky in his carseat to avoid this strange rash.

Car-seat dermatitis

Little ones can get big, itchy rashes, including a newly recognized type known as car-seat dermatitis. The condition typically results from hot temperatures, sweaty surfaces, and a shiny, nylon-like car-seat material coming in contact with a baby’s skin. More commonly seen in late spring through early fall, this red rash usually flares up on exposed skin on the back of infants’ legs, elbows and scalp. Dermatologists are still unsure of its exact cause, but they suspect the skin irritation may be triggered by an allergy to a foam used in nylon-lined car seats, or a reaction to a flame retardant used by manufacturers to prevent mold. The rash often can be avoided by placing a barrier, such as cotton padding or a soft sheet, as a liner between the child’s skin and the seat’s nylon surface.





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