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June 19, 2024

A Festive New Year’s Eve

Many of you will be getting ready for a big party tonight while others may have something simple planned at home with their family. Either way, we want everyone to have a safe and FUN New Year’s Eve! To help have a festive New Year’s Eve with the little ones, here are a couple games to play:


Balloon POP

What You’ll Need
Confetti (or spare wrapping paper)
Permanent marker

What You’ll Do

  1. Gather your confetti. This can be store bought confetti or you can just take some leftover wrapping paper and let the kiddos have fun ripping it into tiny little pieces.
  2. Open a balloon just large enough to allow the tiny pieces of confetti or ripped up paper to go inside it.
  3. Blow the balloon up and tie it shut.
  4. Write the number 1 on the balloon.
  5. Tape the balloon to the door frame or mantle.
  6. Repeat those steps for as many balloons as you want (be sure to write the next number on each balloon), but it would be nice to do one for every hour for a certain amount of hours. So, let’s just go with five. You should end up with five balloons with each one having the numbers 1 – 5 written on them.
  7. When it comes time, five hours before noon or midnight or bedtime, allow your child to try to pop the balloon. This would be fun for the older kids. Those with little ones could just allow them to stand under the balloon and you can pop it. This would release the confetti allowing it to fall all over your child.
  8. At four hours before noon or midnight, pop number 4 and so on.


Pom-Pom Toss at the Stroke of 12

What You’ll Need
Shiny garland you used for Christmas decorations

What You’ll Do

  1. Take the long strip of shiny garland you used for Christmas decorations (or you can find some on sale just about anywhere today) and cut it into little 1- to 2-inch pieces.
  2. Put the pieces into a basket or bowl.
  3. Just before time, allow each child to get a handful of these mini pom-poms.
  4. At the stroke of 12 (or bedtime) … scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” as you toss the pom-poms into the air.


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