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April 18, 2024

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Kids are helping mother in a garden

5 Ways to Involve Children in Gardening


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Kids are naturals when it comes to digging in the dirt, so why not hand them a few tools and a few instructions to set them on the path of becoming official helpers in the garden? And with all the fun games, photo opts and learning experiences at the Garden Center at Blooms & Berries Farm Market, it’s fun and easy to get started! 

1. Give Them Space.

Kids love having their own space.  Give them a spot in your garden, or a container, that’s wholly their own and let them take control.

2. Let Them Choose What to Plant.

Let kids use their senses when choosing plants, or let them plant a theme garden according to their interests, says Merry the Horticulturalist at Blooms & Berries.  For example, consider a pizza and salsa garden, or one for butterflies.  Maybe a dinosaur theme will hit the right notes, or something more whimsical like a fairy or bunny garden.  Then set them up for success by helping to choose plants and seeds that are easy to grow.

3. Involve Them In the Entire Process.

From planting to watering and weeding, getting their hands dirty helps make them a part of the process rather than just an observer. 

4. Give Them Their Own Supplies.

Brightly colored, kid-friendly tools and thinks like kid-sized gardening gloves can get them excited about the experience.

5. Get Involved. 

The Garden Center team at Blooms & Berries says they see the most engaged kids when the parents help them recycle, re-purpose and remake things that can serve as decorations or tools in the garden.  And be sure to show off their work!  Share pictures with family and friends — or upload to Blooms & Berries’ Facebook or Instagram accounts (@bloomsandberries)!

Be sure to schedule a visit to Blooms & Berries Farm Market now, where kids can check out a NEW gardening area that’s just for them, opening the week of April 23!  All plants in the kids’ area are easy to grow and are arranged on lower benches by sense (Look, Touch, Smell … ) and into collections, making it easier for kids to choose what they like most.  B&B also carries durable, kid-sized tools in bright colors, like watering cans, shovels, hoes and gloves.  A family potting bench will let you help your child pot what they chose from the large variety of flower, vegetable and herb seeds (bonus: it’s FREE!).  And to make everything even easier, B&B carries kits that contain everything a budding gardener needs — a container, soil with nutrients, easy-to-grow seeds that have a quick germination time, and a tag to personalize their new items. 

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