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July 22, 2024

5 Valentine Movies to Watch With Kids

Love makes the world go ’round, so be sure to snuggle up for a loving family movie night!

Since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, set the scene for the kids with a little romance! There are lots of great movies with love themes, but some of Disney’s best for kids of all ages are:

Lady and the Tramp
The well-bred Cocker Spaniel falls for the mutt from the bad part of town proving that love truly is blind. A timeless Disney classic

Beauty and the Beast
The delightful story of Belle’s entanglement in a magical castle where a beast lives will captivate young children.

A fun and fanciful fairytale romance takes Giselle, a charming and happy heroine from animated life to real life where she falls in love with a divorce lawyer, not a handsome prince!

The Princess Bride
A romantic couple must conquer an evil prince and even death before they can be reunited.

All of these titles are available at in different versions. Many are also available at and other discount retail stores or drug stores.

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