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January 28, 2023

5 Things You Said You’d Never Do as a Mom

Before you had kids you had some fairly clear cut ideas about how you were going to do things … so what happened?!

When you’re expecting your first baby, you start thinking about the kind of mother you’ll be. Pre-kids you may be just a wee bit judgmental about the way others raise their kids and you might make some hard decisions for yourself about what YOU’D do differently …

Then suddenly things change.

Here are 5 Things You Said You’d Never Do as a Mom that You’re Actually Doing NOW:

Let your child sleep with you.
What happened?
While you may have thought your bed with your mate was a sacred place, one giant thunderstorm in the middle of the night can send a toddler running to your arms … and you just might like that sweet human pillow! Like many things, kids will grow out of sleeping with you … especially once they’re old enough not to be afraid of a bad dream anymore. In the meantime, enjoy the times when she wants to nestle in the comforting surrounds of your security.

Feed your child processed food.
What happened?
Time is tight today. While you may have thought you’d only prepare fresh made-from-scratch meals every night for your kids, with two working parents, it’s just not going to happen sometimes. What you CAN do? Add vegetables and/or fruit with each meal. Whether it’s carrot sticks and ranch dip, frozen peas or slices of apples, getting them some nutritional sides isn’t hard to do.

Let the TV be the babysitter.
What happened?
While you may have been against TV for your child when he was a wee baby, the truth is, it can really keep a toddler occupied. So what CAN you do that doesn’t make your change up so horrible? Limit the TVs power in your home. Set clear limits and you’ll teach a valuable lesson about boundaries and how best to use your time. Do this with all the forms of media your child partakes in.

Say the things your mother said.
What happened?
You vowed you would never raise your kids the same way you were raised, but then you realized that your mom actually had some wisdom to share afterall. C’est la vie.

Yell at your kids.
What happened?
Life, that’s what. While it may not necessarily be the most productive thing to shout at your sweeties, sometimes circumstances can get the better of us. That’s not to say that it should happen often, only that it CAN. If you find it happening a lot, it’s time to take measures to help you keep your cool — and to get to the root of WHY you’re always losing it on the ones you love — which you shouldn’t!



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