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June 17, 2024

5 Super Easy “Signs” to Teach Baby

While you may think your baby can’t communicate so easily, it’s actually quite amazing, experts say, how quickly a baby can understand what you’re saying and also want to share communication with you. Using sign language, many families have learned that signing helps alleviate Baby’s frustration with not being understood. Try teaching these easy-to-learn hand gestures to your little one and you’ll be well on your way to signing with your baby. Check out the accompanying sign language videos, too.

5 Easy Signs that can help you at home with Baby:

To make the sign for “more,” touch your fingers to your thumbs then move your hands together so your fingers touch (go back and forth.

See the sign for “More” on You Tube


“All Done”
This is kind of like doing a royal wave. Start with your palm facing you, then turn away.

See the sign for “All Done” on You Tube


Pump your fist open and closed.

See the sign for “Milk” on You Tube.


Simply put your thumb to your finger tips and move your hand in small motions to and from your mouth.

See the sign for “Eat” on You Tube.


Simply put your hands together flat and lay your head to the side on top of them like a pillow.

See the sign for “Sleep” on You Tube.



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