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February 5, 2023

5 Steps to a Birth Plan

Wondering what it will be like to deliver your first baby? Use these 5 steps to a birth plan so everyone involved in Baby’s birth is on the same page.


What’s a birthing plan you say? It is quite literally your shared hopes and instructions about how you want the birthing experience to go. Spend a little time identifying how you feel about key elements of the experience by using the five points below. Answer each question thoroughly then print out several copies to share with your obstetrician and nurses several weeks before your birth so they understand the delivery plans you hope for. Share copies with any family members who will be present at the birth, too.


1) If labor begins naturally, when would you like to be admitted?


2) Are you willing to have labor induced?


3) How do you feel about pain relief?


4) Who do you want in the room with you when you deliver and/or if you need a C-section?


5) What do you desire in regards to breastfeeding?



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