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April 16, 2024

3 Rainy Day Ideas

Delight your youngster with these easy at-the-ready activities today!


Feely Box


•  Large cloth bag or pillowcase

•  Assortment of toy animals and familiar objects

•  Rubber band


Without your child watching, choose three or four toys or objects that belong to him (for example, a hairbrush, teddy bear, shoe, or toy truck). Place one object in the bag and tie the open end with the rubber band. Ask your child to guess what the object is by feeling the outside of the bag. Remove the object when the guess is successful and continue until there are no objects left. Have your child search the house for objects while you close your eyes and then have a chance to feel and guess.


What’s Different?

This game requires at least two players.



• Stand in front of your child and tell him to study you.

• Leave the room and change something about your appearance.

• For example, you might turn a baseball cap backward or remove a sweatshirt.

• Return to your child and challenge him to tell what’s different about you.


 Penny Hunt


• Pennies

• One cup or dish per player


1.  Have all the kids leave the room while you hide pennies everywhere- under cushions, in drawers, behind curtains, on top of books, and so on.

2. Have all the kids return and give each a cup or dish.

3. At your signal, have the players start searching for pennies.

4. After five minutes, call off the hunt and have the players count their pennies.

5. The player with the most pennies wins.

6. Let the kids keep the pennies they find.




About the Author

Susan Day

Susan Day is the editor in chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.