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July 13, 2024

10 Things Moms & Dads Should Have in the Car

All that driving of kids that you do? Time to be a savvy parent!

Kids in the car? You bet! You’re a busy mom or dad and you drive A LOT. Here are the TOP 10 ITEMS YOU NEED IN THE CAR (along with your precious cargo!) to make life on the road that much easier with your family.

It’s inevitable that one of your kids will get in the car (after sports or school pick up) and whine, “I’m THIRSTY!!!”

This can easily be overlooked, but it can come in quite handy on the road. Have first aid supplies (essentials like adhesive strips, Benedryl, Tylenol, bug spray) and other things like a flashlight, batteries and even extra clothes.

Someone’s always bound to have a runny nose!

De-germing kids is important before the hands go into the snacks. Or even before going out to eat.

These instant, handy seat washers and sticky-finger fixer uppers are a must!

It’s surprising how many things can accumulate in the car when kids are in tow — you’ll probably need additional trash bags if you have kids who wear sports’ cleats that get muddy!

When little ones get tired in the car, a blanket comes in handy to tuck around a bobbing head.

Kid music and DVDs that you change out every so often, books — it’s nice to look in the rear view mirror and see smiling, engaged faces.

Never know when you’re going to need an extra few cents — for the car wash, for instance.




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