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May 19, 2024

Ooh-La-La: Mama Llama Candles

Supporting small, local businesses right now is a must, so we tried out Mama Llama Candles in Cincinnati that not only creates their own scents, they donate to great causes, too.

I’ll be honest. I love candles, but I am picky about them. I find it difficult to find candles that do not have an overwhelming smell. I recently had the opportunity to sample candles from Mama Llama Candles (how cute is that name?!) and they did not disappoint! Mama Llama Candles is a local small business based in Cincinnati that handcrafts their candles.

The first detail I noticed was the gentle aroma of the candles; yet, the scent flowed throughout the house. My personal favorite was “Christmas Cabin” which had a mix of cinnamon, orange zest, cranberries – a perfect blend of the holiday season. It’s a cozy candle that lives up to its name. 

My husband loved the “Cherry Tobacco” candle. It had a woodsy smell with a hint of cherry – the perfect candle for him. These candles burn clean and the labels are also adorable!

Mama Llama Candles support charities through a program called “Llama Cares” and donates half of the Llama Cares Candles sales. They have partnered with The Freestore Foodbank and have currently partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Half of the “I Want a Hippopotamus” candle sales will be donated to the Cincinnati Zoo. I am a huge fan of Fiona and the Cincinnati Zoo so this candle is already a winner (take a look at the label and read about the holiday blend)!

These candles are made with twin wicks for an even burn and made with colored wax. Burn time is recommended at no more than four hours and be sure to trim the wick. Please practice candle safety by keeping candles away from tiny hands and pets, and, place burning candles in a safe location. Shop this local small business and support their cause, you won’t regret it!

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