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June 17, 2024


Explore the Serengeti at CMC

Africa in all of its glory — and you don't have to leave Cincinnati.

Get ready to head to Africa with the kids! With the OMNIMAX’s five-story dome at the CMC, families can be transported to a world of iconic animals trekking across the savannah with their latest film offering. Serengeti: Journey to the Heart of Africa will have you face-to-face with lion prides, beneath the hooves of thundering wildebeests and just out of reach from snapping crocodile jaws.

Life happens in the Serengeti on an unprecedented scale. It’s home to most of Africa’s iconic animals, and hosts one of the world’s greatest natural events — the annual wildebeest migration. Nature orchestrates a perfect symphony where every species has a very distinct role to play in a larger story — the balance of an entire ecosystem.

Serengeti is a film for all ages; follow the animal cast as they imitate their parents and embark on their life’s journeys. This immersive, giant screen 3D IMAX® film about how nature works will educate all of your family on the world’s greatest ecosystems.

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