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May 16, 2022

The Advantages to Fostering a Teenager


There is no greater job than pouring out love and commitment to someone who craves and appreciates it the most. Each one of us has something to offer a teenager. Something you may not even realize that you can provide to them. In some way, shape or form, your care can move a teenager to the next level in life.

Teens are in foster care through no fault of their own. They too need support and love. Here are three advantages to fostering a teenager:


#1 – You can educate them on life skills and independent living. 

It’s important for teenagers to be prepared to live on their own because they can’t always rely on foster parents and caseworkers to take care of them. There are several areas you can coach them on, some of which include housing, healthcare and education. 

As a foster parent, you play a critical role. Sometimes, teenagers need that extra encouragement and assistance to begin thinking about what they want to do after high school. You can make a big impact by providing the knowledge and skills needed for a successful transition to adulthood. 



#2 – You can see the impact from your guidance and loving support a lot faster. 

Fostering a teenager is emotionally fulfilling. It allows for your entire family to bond as you help the teen to adjust and settle. Most teenagers in foster care haven’t been with a good family, so it can be challenging for them to adapt to a more settling life. But when you and your entire family are involved, it can be truly rewarding. 





#3 – You can help them to achieve major goals and milestones. 

Helping a teenager to achieve goals and milestones is important. In the past, at any given time, they could lose everything. By providing your support, you can help them to trust and build a plan to achieve what they want in life. 

Foster care doesn’t define who they become. By helping these young people to achieve professional and personal success, you will see the kind of relief it brings to their mental state. This is yet another way to help them rewrite their life’s narrative. 

Research indicates that those who age out of foster care will become either homeless or be unemployed. In fact, many will receive jail time or become pregnant, starting the cycle all over again. This is something The Bair Foundation aims to change. 

Remaining steadfast and responsive, The Bair Foundation has provided hope and stability to more than 250,000 children and families in crisis. The faith-filled staff goes above and beyond to ensure children and families are getting the best care and services. 

For example, the organization had a teenager in care who ended up making great strides despite the fact that her birth father was jailed and a no-contact order with her birth mom. She now has a job, attends church and is pursuing a college degree. 

Fostering a teenager should never be looked at as something negative. While they may bring behavioral issues and emotional trauma, the changes you can make can be rewarding. After all, it only takes one caring adult to guide a child to have a successful and fulfilling life. 

To become a foster parent, contact The Bair Foundation




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