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December 4, 2022

Top Apps for Special Needs

These apps are specifically beneficial to special needs children, and for parents and caregivers who interact with them.


TeachMe — Reinforces writing, math and spelling skills through sight words, addition and subtraction while keeping kids engaged with a reward system.

Math Evolve — Practice math facts, mental skills and have fun with the interactive music, games, facts and quizzes.


• Super Why — Helps achieve better comprehension by breaking down words and using activities that use rhyming and spelling as a way to improve reading and writing.

Write My Name — Builds sensory and fine motor skills. Children trace letters and words and use other expressions of writing such as fingerpainting.


Learn with Rufus — Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a difficult time recognizing emotions and identifying facial expressions. Rufus the Robot has apps such as “Feelings and Emotions” which helps in learning facial expressions that correspond to “happy,” “sad” and “angry.” Customize games to meet your child’s skill level and learning style.

ABA Flashcards and Games — Teaches children of all ages to read emotions by having them match the emotion with the photo.

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