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December 4, 2022

Calming Room Option at Union Pediatric Dentistry

Union Pediatric Dentistry's brand-new calming room creates an atmosphere suited for children with special needs.

Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for young patients. For children with sensory needs, it can be extra stressful; the bright lights and strange noises from equipment can be overwhelming.

Union Pediatric Dentistry (2012 Callie Way #202, Union, Ky) has a brand-new calming room available for patient use. The room features dimmed lights, a bubble tower, a screen that projects shapes on the wall, splash pads on the floor, TVs on the ceiling and a variety of seating options that can be used during exams.

Some children may prefer sitting in a comfy bean bag chair while others may feel more secure on a lap board. Kaitlin Jennison, DDS, aims to give assurance to parents who are skeptical about taking their special needs children to the dentist.

“You will be amazed by how much we can accomplish in this room compared to a typical dental room,” Jennison says. “Because the kids aren’t in the typical doctor’s office-type setting, they are more open to allowing us to look in their mouth and ‘tickle’ their teeth,” she adds.

To learn more about Union Pediatric Dentistry and the new calming room, call 859-384-6050 or visit

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