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October 17, 2021

Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Me … Jane



For those of you who have been faithfully following the monthly reviews of Happen’s Kid Critics, you may have noticed that these kids are growing up fast. After almost three years, they have blossomed into an engaged and highly informed collection of critical viewers. So this month’s selection poses a unique challenge. The anticipated release of the entire library of Scholastic Storybook Treasures presents read along versions of classic children’s stories, which spring to life via animation on DVD. The veteran Kid Critics offer their expert opinions and advice on a set that includes “Me…Jane” (the tale of the young Jane Goodall and her favorite childhood toy, a chimpanzee named Jubilee) and three other stories dedicated to the impactful triumphs of girls in society. From forging careers in the world of science and medicine, to securing the right to vote, to forming the first-ever baseball league for women, these shorts highlight the efforts of inspiring figures, and allow young audiences to actively participate in the unfolding narratives. Trust the Kid Critics to let you know if your young viewers will enjoy these moving lessons.

-TT Stern-Enzi


Each month, Happen’s Kid Film Critics received their own official Happen film critic packet and a press badge.  TT Stern-Enzi, Cincinnati film critic, provided insight about the film and guided the children as they wrote this month’s film reviews.  Read the reviews below, and be sure to watch Scholastic Storybook Treasures


Me … Jane is an animated scholastic series focusing on famous women.  Although it is geared towards my age level,  I can certainly see how this would be a perfect show for younger viewers.  – Henry


I loved the theme but the animations were bit to jerky and the facts are probably not spot on. But as a whole it was good. – Maxwell


Me … Jane is not something I would normally watch as it is geared more towards younger viewers, but I loved it.   As the four shorts are all about feminism, this is perfect for all young girls. Inspiring and sweet, the cute artwork and incredible stories make this something every little girl news to see. – Luci


It was really good.  I liked the message. – Oscar


I can’t really rate it, but if it’s family movie night and you are 3 or 4 years old, and they want to watch something about history then this is perfect.  But if you are 10 or older, don’t watch it. – Gwen


These mini movies are about girls that are important.  The lesson is to not judge a woman.  I would say the age group is 4-7.  Most of them are about learning. – Cole


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