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May 27, 2024

Happen’s Kids Film Critics: PBS Word World

A few months ago I received a request from PBS. Their PBS team had been introduced to Happen’s Kid Film Critics by way of Cincinnati Family Magazine (CFM). This year CFM created a dedicated page on their (CFM) website to publish the monthly Happen Kid Film Critics reviews. The CFM website will receive 100,000 visits just this month, now giving our critics a chance to reach thousands and thousands of families. PBS requested that the Happen Kid Film Critics also review their upcoming programming. I’m very proud that our critics have caught the attention of so many readers and now even PBS that provide educational television programs that we all have grown up watching. Thank you to TT Stern-Enzi, parents, sponsors, volunteers and congratulations to all the kids critics for making it Happen.  – Tommy Rueff


PBS: Word World – It’s Time for School (Disc 1)

Happen’s Kid Critics kick off the summer with educational programming from PBS. Their series, Word World – It’s Time for School, might seem to be an odd choice, but it serves to remind everyone that learning never needs to take time off. Lessons arrive tailor-made with elements of jazz/ragtime and electronic/dance vibes to engage the bodies and minds of young viewers. Taglines fly throughout the segments, each geared towards easy enrichment – It’s time to build a word! and The place where words come alive! – and populated by barnyard animal characters with bodies composed of the letters spelling out their names. The Kid Critics sampled “Shark’s First Day of School,” “Sandbox Surprise,” “Totally Terrific Duck,” and “Dog Wants to Play Ball.” Check out their reactions and see if Word World might be a suitable destination for your eager young wordsmiths-in-waiting this summer. -TT stern-enzi

Word World is a PBS animated show that is aimed for younger viewers.  Word World is both educational and entertaining!  Kids will enjoy the show and maybe learn a few new things.  – Henry

Word World is PBS educational show aimed to target children learning to read. I would say that Word World is right on the money for young kids, but it’s some what annoying for parent, supervisors, or older siblings.  The voices of the characters are…let’s face it….. a bit obnoxious.  The plots can be repetitive and seem frustratingly long.  However the show is geared towards children about ages 1-6.  It’s supposed to be groundbreaking.  It’s supposed to teach kids how to read and I’d say it preforms the task admirably and in a creative way. – Luci


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