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March 25, 2023

THE BRADY KIDS The Complete Animated Series

Happen’s Kid Critics – Age 8 to 12
Happen’s Kid Critics offer their esteemed opinions on The Brady Kids: The Complete Animated Series. The release marks the first time the classic cartoon from 1972 has ever appeared on DVD. The show, which graced the small screen during the run of the live-action family sit-com, focused on the exploits of the six Brady children and their collection of animal friends. The original cast members gave voice to their animated counterparts, but the series was best known for its groovy appeal along with its ability to send the siblings on any number of outrageous and down-right loony adventures, which included special guests like Superman, the Lone Ranger, and Wonder Woman, who made her first animated appearance ever on the show. The real question is, does the series hold up for contemporary audiences, and that is what the Kid Critics are here to tell you.

-TT Stern-Enzi

Each month, Happen’s Kid Film Critics received their own official Happen film critic packet and a press badge. TT Stern-Enzi, Cincinnati film critic, provided insight about the film and guided the children as they wrote this month’s film reviews. Read the reviews below, and be sure to watch – The Brady Kids – The Complete Animated Series

Families will bond over this series because it will remind them of there childhood. It may not be as good as the original Brady Bunch series, but it will surely bring back memories.
– Henry
I didn’t like the picture that much. I love how they made the songs. I liked the adventures. I liked the jokes. I liked the pandas, Ping and Pong.
– Cole

I thought that majority of the jokes were cheesy and obvious, and it was very cartoonish, even for a cartoon. I found the characters perennially cheerful voices very annoying and it lacked subtle nuances or anything beneath the thin surface of bad jokes and irrelevant, nonsensical singing. The plots also didn’t make much sense, they seemed more like a series of anecdotes than one big storyline, especially in the first two episodes, and they just sort of plodded along. They didn’t really have exciting bits, and it was hard to take the characters seriously (even when they were being serious ) because they smiling , literally , all the time. Although all the things I just complained about, I guess, are to be expected, because in 1972, there was very little else in the way of good cartoons for kids.
– Eliza

Compared to the Brady Bunch, it was not the same in my opinion. It’s super good!
– Oscar

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