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April 22, 2024

This n’ That Baby Essentials

We rounded up our favorite essential baby items to get you rockin’ and rollin’ in no time!

Featured photo provided by Finn + Emma

We rounded up our favorite essential baby items to get you rockin’ and rollin’ in no time!

SWADDLE SACK | $22+ Swaddle baby and place him on his back for safe, comfortable sleep. For newborn to 6 months old.

Swaddle Sack by Swaddle Designs

BABY FOAM PLAY MATS | $149.95 This waterproof, easy-to-clean, comfortable foam play mat is perfect for tummy time, babies learning to sit up, mommy and me exercise and fun! Non-toxic, reversible and 6.5 x 4.5 foot of cushioned padding.

Baby Foam Play Mat by Comfort Designs

BBLÜV TERMÖ 4-IN-1 DIGITAL THERMOMETER | $49.99 This thermometer offers a precise, non-contact way to quickly and accurately check Baby’s temperature. Hold it to Baby’s forehead or even use it to take the temp of your warmed milk or even the bath water. It’s different temperature zones will alert you with colors: normal (green), slight fever (orange) or high fever (red). Peace of mind made handy.


BBLÜV RINÖ NASAL ASPIRATOR | $49.99 In less than one minute, this aspirator gently cleans Baby’s nose. It provides a unique, safe continuous suction not available on manual aspirators, and it also has a large, transparent leak-proof collection cup. Easy to clean (no filters!), it will help limit the spreading of germs.


ECO-FRIENDLY, DYE-FREE BABY CLOTHES Babies have sensitive skin, so it’s important to use natural laundry detergents and many parents opt for dye-free clothing, too. Finn + Emma’s clothing line is 100 percent organic, adorable and comfy. Their soft Wildflowers and Clouds collections include rompers, onesies, shirts, pants and more all from local moms and businesses.


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