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January 30, 2023

Baby Bits

Because lots of little things go into the biggest joy in life!



The state of Ohio and The Baby Box Co., an organization aimed at improving family health and reducing SIDS, have teamed up to launch a program for expecting parents to receive a free Baby Box after completing an online education course.  With an infant mortality rate that’s higher than the national average, Ohio aims to distribute 140,000 Baby Boxes each year to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds.  Baby Boxes are made from durable cardboard and are certified for sleep.  In order to receive one, families must complete the online curriculum about prenatal health, breastfeeding, safe sleep practices and newborn care.  Learn more and register for free at  



The Atrium Medical Center is now home to the new Natural Beginnings Birth Center, the area’s first comprehensive natural birth center located within an acute care hospital.  The new center offers a combination of labor-coping services like hydrotherapy, childbirth education classes, ongoing education after delivery, certified nurse midwives on staff, all in a private, home-like setting.  For more details, call 513-424-2111 or visit



Ollie Swaddle: The Ollie Swaddle (; $59) is super stretchy with Velcro fasteners.  Moisture-wicking fabric reduces overheating, and the opening at the bottom makes diaper changes easy.  It’s one size fits all and comes in four different colors — nest, sky, lavender and stone.

Vtech Safe & Sound Full Color Video Monitor: This Safe & Sound (; $149) includes a cute bear that features a temperature sensor and automatic infrared night vision.  The 4.3-inch LCD screen has a two-way, talk-back feature, soothing sounds, lullabies and more. 



Withings Thermo: The Withings Thermo (; $99.95) is a Wi-Fi connected temporal thermometer that allows you to take your little one’s temperature while he’s sound asleep.  Download the free app and keep up with each individual reading.  Look back on time temps were taken and use the notes feature to include medication doses administered.  You can also keep track of multiple kids’ temperatures all at once.  When you take a reading, use the touch screen on the thermometer itself to select the child.  Easy!


Lulyboo Baby Lunge Lights & Music: Baby (up to 15 pounds, or until he can push up or roll over on his own) will sleep comfortably in the Lulyboo Baby Lounge (; $54.99 – $74.99).  This portable lounger features a three-position canopy, removable toys, music box and rotating color light sow.  It folds up easily and can be carried like a backpack.


Pebbles Green Octopus Rattle: Hand crocheted, this Green Octopus by Pebbles (; $15.95) has a rattle in its head that provides a soft sound for your baby.  The legs are easy for Baby to grab, and the fabric makes it a great teething toy, too.  






How you can help when it happens to a friend.

Postpartum depression (PPD) is the number one complication for women who have just had a baby, according to the March of Dimes.  PPD can include any number of symptoms: obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety or anger.  If you have a friend who is struggling after having a baby, there are ways you can help:

The Gift of a Nap: Offer to babysit so that she can take a nap.  Sleep eases symptoms of PPD, and what sleep-deprived mom wouldn’t love a nap?

Bring Coffee, Ditch Judgement: Listen to what she’s feeling and experiencing.  Don’t dismiss or try to solve her problems, but listen and let her feel heard.  Do not try to fix it.  If she says something that truly concerns you, encourage her to reach out to a professional.

Hook Her Up: Identify support for your friend.  It is empowering to have the support of new moms with babies the same age as hers, who provide a community.  There is a normalizing power to realizing other moms are going through the same challenges as well.

Help Her Reach Out: If your friend would like more support, have her contact: Post-Partum Support International (PPSI) at 1-800-944-4773.  This number is staffed by trained volunteers who quickly return messages left on their confidential voicemail.  They can help with support, information, and resources.  PPSI also has info on area coordinators who can give resource suggestions locally.

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