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October 7, 2022

Perked Up at Our Hospitals

Jacuzzi tubs, Daddy Boot Camp and the only Swedish birthing chair in Cincinnati -- there's lots to know about what's here for you now.

ATRIUM MEDICAL CENTER (pictured above)


The Natural Beginnings Birth Center at Atrium Medical Center is a comprehensive natural birth center in Greater Cincinnati located within an acute care hospital. Two private natural birthing suites for labor and delivery opened in May 2017, providing moms labor services without traditional interventions. Suites feature queen-sized beds, built-in Jacuzzi tubs and more space for a family-friendly experience.




The new Family Birthing Center boasts nine delivery rooms, four private special care nursery rooms, two dedicated C-section birthing rooms, and the only C-section birth viewing room in the region, which allows families to see into the room during a planned C-section. The LDRP rooms include a kitchenette and a family room, which are designed to let a family stay in one place from labor to discharge. Amenities like an expedited emergency option called Express Care, spacious rooms, hydro showers for expectant moms and tech-enabled family lounges are also on the roster.




Certified Child Life Specialist Annette BonJour says children who have unmanaged pain during a needle stick can be fearful of future shots and experience them as even more painful. “We’re always trying to think of ways to optimize the outcome of vascular access insertions,” says Darcy Doellman, RN, Clinical Manager of the Vascular Access Team. The two departments teamed up to bring the J-Tip, a needlefree injection system that allows staff to comfortably insert IVs, midlines and PICCs. The J-Tip uses CO2 gas to inject a small stream of liquid Lidocaine, a numbing agent. It’s pain-free, delivers anesthesia in less than a second and keeps kids from feeling needle sticks. The J-Tip is used on patients ages 2 years and older for planned IV insertion or lab draws.




Mercy Health Cincinnati recently opened a natural birthing suite in the West Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. The new suite includes the latest natural birth tools, including the only Swedish birthing chair in Cincinnati. Expecting moms can choose from a range of options like hydrotherapy, aroma therapy, music therapy and other natural aids for delivery. In addition, Mercy Health offers natural childbirth classes, tours and instruction on the equipment for parents-to-be. The Family Birthing Center has nine LDR rooms, private postpartum rooms, two dedicated C-section rooms for mother/baby bonding, a Level II Special Care Nursery with two family suites, a maternal fetal medicine program and lactation support.




The Shriners Hospitals for a Children – Cincinnati, now in its 50th year, is one of the nation’s foremost authorities in pediatric burn treatment and treats congenital and craniofacial disorders such as cleft lip and palate, complex wound or skin disorders, port wine birthmarks and nevus. They even help in areas where self-esteem can be affected, such as breast abnormalities like gynecomastia or ear deformities. Shriners also treats trauma-related injuries like disfiguring dog bites. Much like burn injuries, many of these treatments require multiple visits as the child grows. Cincinnati Shriners Hospital always treats a child based solely on need, and regardless of a family’s ability to pay. A referral from a physician is not required.




Included amongst St. Elizabeth’s array of childbirth and infant care classes is a new program on Natural Childbirth with accompanying natural birthing suites that include peanut balls, birthing ball chairs and tubs. In addition, St. Elizabeth offers certified nurse midwives, a Level III NICU, genetic counseling, lactation consultants, maternal fetal specialists, and a post partum care center with innovative programs like the Baby Steps Program for mothers who used substances during their pregnancy, Safe Sleep, and more.




TriHealth Nurse Midwives recently expanded their team to accommodate a growing demand for midwife services. Good Samaritan features newly remodeled maternity spaces, including postpartum rooms, all of which are now private and offer more space for families. Renovations are underway for a new, larger OB triage area at the Dixmyth entrance, and Good Samaritan’s Special Care Unit for high-risk patients also received a makeover. The team provides care across a woman’s life span. Expecting moms receive the benefit of comprehensive care, too — although the midwives encourage natural childbirth options, they work closely with doctors to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, with access to an obstetrician 24 hours a day and a Level III NICU. Both hospitals are home to Centering Pregnancy, a group prenatal care program for women at similar stages of pregnancy who meet for a brief health assessment with their care provider, then gather for a facilitated discussion on topics like nutrition or breastfeeding, or just to share experiences.




UC Health has something just for men: Daddy Boot Camp invites dads (and their babies) to learn how to survive the first months of parenthood. In this men-only environment, no topic is off limits. The free, confidential class is provided to both dads and dads-to-be. The next session is Monday, April 9 at UC Health’s University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Online registration is available. For moms, the UC Health Mobile Mammography Unit brings life-saving cancer screening technology to you. The Unit utilizes cutting-edge mammogram technology called Breast Tomosynthesis, which produces a 3D image of the breast. The scan uses very low-dose X-ray energy that allows radiologists to view breast tissue in 1-millimeter slices, proven to detect small breast cancers in earlier stages than traditional 2D mammograms.

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