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May 19, 2024

Family Health Bits

It’s springtime! Clean house, practice self-care and see to it that kids get a good night’s sleep.

Spring Cleaning! 

Get prepped for warm days ahead

Kick off spring by practicing self-care – includes amazing skincare products, teas, bath soaks and more! Send a care package to a new mom or pregnant mom to fulfill her pregnancy and postpartum needs, plus these products help with stress relief and overall well-being.

Lose the plastic straws and be good to the environment with these BPA-free food grade silicone straws. Comes in a four-pack; choose from colors including: Mother of Pearl, Blush, Black and Clay.

Spring clean the healthy and safe way – this microbiome product really does the trick using no harsh chemicals; instead using biotechnology while releasing potent probiotics to get down to the dirt and sneaky crevices. Available at and; coming to grocery stores across the country this year.

National Sleep Awareness Week March 8 – 14

How to Get the Zzzs You Need!

The National Sleep Foundation hosts Sleep Awareness Week on March 8 -14, celebrating sleep health and encouraging everyone to get more sleep to improve their health. Toddlers need 11 to 14 hours; preteens and teens require 8 to 10 hours. Here are some ways you can help your kids sneak in those extra zzz’s:

CREATE REGULAR BEDTIME ROUTINES — For better sleep habits — especially for little heads to hit the pillow at an ideal hour. Going to bed too late actually makes it harder for kids to fall asleep.

HEAD OUTSIDE — Burning off steam during the day really helps to create better sleep at night.

LIGHTEN THE ATMOSPHERE — Soft music and lighting, a comfortable temperature and satisfied bellies all set the scene for better rest.

DEVICES, OFF! — Turn off devices at least an hour before bed; the blue light found in iPads, computers and TVs can keep you awake.

Source: Sleep Foundation;

Teen Smoking Decline; E-Cigarettes Rising

While the American Academy of Pediatrics reports a decline in smoking cigarettes for teens in a study called, “Trends in Smoking Behaviors Among U.S. Adolescent Cigarette Smokers,” the uptick in the use of e-cigarettes among teenagers can’t be denied. Since e-cigarettes are loaded with nicotine, the news is not good. To learn more about kids and Juuling, click here. 

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