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November 28, 2022

Celebrate National Neighbor Day

It's so important for families to practice kindness and to remind our kids to be good to one another. Even with social distancing, there are many ways we can still educate our kids at-home.

National Neighbor Day is Monday, September 28. Although we are social distancing and staying safe, their are still ways you can teach your kids how to be neighborly.

We all remember Mister Rogers – he taught kids and parents around the world how to treat others with kindness, empathy and understanding. You can continue to teach this to your kids during this stressful time while keeping them safe and healthy, too. Even though we are unable to be together in person with many family and friends right now, it’s so important for every family to take time to practice good neighborly habits for when we can be together again.

Need some ideas? PBS KIDS provides plenty of fantastic resources to get you started:

  • Here are five ways to help kids be kind and compassionate – From using inclusive language to making an emotions check-in part of your daily routine.
  • Try these 13 Activities to Make the Most Out of Video Chats With Kids. Just because we can’t physically be together at this time, doesn’t mean we can’t still connect with our friends and family – and even celebrate one another – virtually.
  • Try fun, interactive games such as the The Neighbor Day online game from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – This engaging game helps kids learn that there are many ways to be a good neighbor and that their choices matter.
  • Do activities together geared toward thanking essential workers – Such as making a thank-you card or sign.

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