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July 22, 2024

Bag in the Back: An Essential Habit That Every Caregiver Should Know

Keep little passengers safe by instilling good habits. Here is how The Bag in the Back campaign is spreading awareness.


Keeping little passengers safe goes beyond proper car seat installation. Since 1998, more than 754 children have died due to vehicular heatstroke in the U.S. alone; 70 percent of these cases happen between ages 0 – 2.

The Sofia Foundation for Children’s Safety Bag in the Back Campaign was designed to increase awareness of children that are unknowingly left in the car and vehicular heatstroke; and aims to instill a habit of always putting a bag or an essential item in the backseat with hopes to minimize this threat. If practiced properly, this habit will ensure that every time the caregiver turns off the car engine, they will have to open the back door to take the child and get the personal item out of the car.

Prevention of vehicular heatstroke is not a common topic amongst new and expecting parents, and pediatric care providers do not usually receive education about risk and prevention of vehicular heatstroke. Therefore, they are not actively communicating the risk or teaching prevention habits to patients and families. Bag in the Back strongly believes that this habit can save lives, and the involvement of the medical community is vital to help reduce the incidence of vehicular heatstroke deaths.

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