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July 23, 2024

Things We Like: Diamond Art Club

Time at home together means creating masterpieces together.

At the beginning of April, we received our first Diamond Art Club kit! We were excited to open it up and get started! My kids, 9 and 6, described Diamond Art as a “mix of paint by number and a puzzle.” When it arrived, we were three weeks into staying home due to COVID-19, so we were anxious to rip it open and get it started. 

I was just as excited as the kids, and I swiftly ripped the plastic covering off to get started. Quick Parent Tip: I quickly realized that this may not have been a great idea as I watched my daughter reach completely across the canvas to place a diamond and get her arm stuck to the adhesive. I began to worry that the canvas would lose its tact very quickly and regretted pulling the entire plastic covering off. 

Diamond Art is a great activity to work on fine motor skills, patience and delayed gratification. My 6-year-old found that she needed to put her arm down in order to place the diamonds, and it took longer to place them than my oldest did. Both of my eager little crafters would spend 20 – 30 minutes a day working on it, and once they were all tucked into bed, I spent approximately an hour and a half on it each night (be sure to prepare yourself for the time spent creating this masterpiece; but it’s well worth the work!)

After 24 hard-working days, it was complete! The kids were excited to finish such a large project and were proud of all our work. I was surprised and very excited to see that the canvas did not loose its tact during the time it took us to complete it. 

For more information about Diamond Art and do get one for your family while you stay at home, head to


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Tina Pratt

Tina Pratt is the mom of two littles. She is a former PreK- 5 special education teacher that now works as a behavior coach. She enjoys being a tourist in her own town and finding ways to embed lessons into everyday fun!