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February 3, 2023

Top Toys: Editor’s Picks

King Arthur’s Court Toys

Enjoy an outing to King Arthur’s Court Toys. It’s an experience in itself! Walk in, see the wall-to-wall toys and enjoy the abundance that is in person shopping. Make it a family outing!


Create with Clay Dinosaurs
Creativity for Kids; 3040 Madison Road Cincinnati; $14.99; Ages 5+
The perfect STEAM kit for building fine motor skills, the clay kit comes with everything needed to create a cool dinosaur out of clay — three plastic dinosaur skeletons, five clay colors, tools and wiggly eyes.

Fisher-Price Classics; 3040 Madison Road Cincinnati; $17.99 – $39.99; Ages 1+
Remember the Chatter Telephone when you were a kid? What about Little Snoopy? They make a great way to share your childhood with your little one!

MOLUK;; $14; Ages 0+
Based on creative and open play, Hix has four convertible cones that transform into four basic diverse shapes. Kids of all ages can stack them, let them fall, fidget with them and make creations.

Hudson Glow Rattle
Kid O;; $24.99; Ages 0+
Meet Hudson, the adorable motion-activated rattle that responds to the way your baby shakes it. When Baby pushes the puppy’s green legs down, they glow green. Push his red legs down, the spots  red. The textured legs are great for teething, too.

Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck
Bruder;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $124.99; Ages 4+
This one-of-a-kind crane is realistic and it’ll keep kids active while they lift loads, lower loads with the fast but noiseless device, swivel it 360 degrees and get the job done. The crane extends to 50 inches tall. It’s stable and made with high-quality plastic to last through the years.

Kid O;; $25; Ages 3+
Kids can use their imaginations to draw shapes, letters and pictures with this magnetic stylus. Pop individual beads to the surface for a sensory-based play experience. Start fresh by swiping across the beads to erase using finger tips.

Squishables;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $39.99 – $44.99; Ages 3+
Each 15-inch+ Squishable is unique in its own way. They’re available in comfort foods like avocado toast and sushi or as a soft animal. Every little kid can find one that’s just right.

Treat Pet Vet
Melissa & Doug;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $29.99; Ages 3+
Pretend play is great for your kids’ creative mind and imagination. Using a stethoscope and the adorable plush dog and cat, they can learn to take care of their own pet animal. Make appointments with the nifty reusable chart, call for follow ups, give treatments and feel like a real vet!


Deluxe Studio
Aquabeads;; $24.99; Ages 4+
Create cool 3D designs with more than 1,300 colorful jewels and beads, easy trays, a nifty rainbow pen and more.

Playmonster;; $24.99; Ages 9+
A laser-cut wooden STEM kit, this winding marble machine gives kids a building experience to learn from. It comes with a graphic novel that teaches STEM lessons to help children and parents understand the concepts and feel connected.

Wildlife Wow T-Rex
National Geographic;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $24.99; Ages 3+
Not as scary as he looks, this soft and squishy dinosaur comes with a wild life app so you can learn all about his habitat, take photos, learn fun facts and mimic every move a real dino does!


Advent Calendar “Santa’s Workshop”
PLAYMOBIL;; $24.99; Ages 4+
The elves are busy getting ready for Christmas! Help them reveal 24 surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas including an electric lantern. Kids can help Santa load the sleigh and deliver aIl of the toys.

Playmonster;; $11.99 – $23.99 minis, $59.99 Hauler; Ages 4+
Your little one can get creative with these creative mix-and-match wooden toy cars made of European beech wood. Mini-vehicles are new to the Automoblox collection and are perfect for younger kids. No adult assembly or tools required.

My Very Own Nursery
American Plastic;; $20 – $25; Ages 2+
Bring on pretend play, and teach your little ones to take care of their“little ones.” This complete  nursery station will fire up imagination.

Two Bros Bows; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $29.99; Ages 6+
Kids can learn some great archery skills, safely. The lightweight and soft arrows are great for target practice outdoors and encourages active play and marksmanship.

Rideamals Scout, Play & Ride Pony
Kid Trax;; $399; Ages 3 – 7
Feed him, brush him, ride him. Scout comes to life with 100 sounds and movements and features fully motorized eyes, ears, head and wheels. He even has a special pony dance! This little pony goes up to four miles per hour, back and forth, for a interactive fun ride.

YBike Explorer
YBike;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $229.99; Ages 6+
Older kiddos can take this go kart for a whirl on various terrain with the power of pedals. The adjustable seat makes it comfortable for any little rider, and the sleek steering wheel makes it easy to conquer turns.


Exit Game
Kosmos;; 3040 Madison Road, Cincinnati; $15.99 each; Ages 10+
Ever had an escape game in your own home? Solve riddles, crack codes and feel the fun intensity as you try and escape! This is a great way to change up Friday family game night.

Pass the Pup
Playmonster;; $17.99; Ages 3+
A great game for the little ones! Sit in a circle and pass the puppy around as he plays music. When the music stops, the child holding the pup draws a card that tells him to act like a dog in various ways: bark, roll over and scratch!

Yeti, Set, Go!
Playmonster;; $24.99; Ages 4+
Help four Yetis with unique personalities kick meatballs up a snowy mountain. Whoever gets their meatball to the ledges first wins!


Deluxe Busy Time Play Cube
Fat Brain Toy Co.;; $79.95; Ages 1+
Embark on a sensory adventure with this wooden play table loaded with activities, lessons, zoo animals and experiences your tiny zoologist will love. Each side is unique and encourages fine motor skills, engages creativity, core strength, balance and endless playtime.

Fat Brain Toy Co.;; $9.99; Ages 6+ months
Sensory friendly, encourage fine motor skills and sensory exploration with the silicone bubbles built into a sturdy plastic frame. Little fingers can poke at the bubbles endlessly. It’s made with 100 percent food-grade silicone; BPA-free.

MagStix; $60 with promo code on their website; Ages 2 – 8
This 41-piece magnetic building set will become the most played with toy in the chest. Large magnetic pieces come with a playboard making it easy to travel with. This nifty set keeps the kiddos busy for hours of independent play.

Fat Brain Toy Co.;; $28.50; Ages 1+
It stacks, it twirls and it helps build hand-eye coordination and baby engineering skills. Watch creations twirl! Made of coated ABS plastic; BPA-free.

Teeter Popper!
Fat Brain Toy Co.;; $29; All ages
Kids will love the pop sounds as they sit, rock, stand and wobble around. It’s fun and stimulates senses, engages imagination, encourages creativity and improves core strength, stability and more. It features silicone suction cups and is made of a highly durable plastic body.






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