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July 15, 2024

The benefits of yoga for kids are endless.

Encourage the joy of movement in your kids for their well-being as they grow.

Yoga for Kids Allows Them to De-Stress

Increased concentration, confidence and mood are only a few of the perks that yoga offers kids. PLUS: turn the page to read how schools are helping kids with mindfulness.

We’re living in a stressful time and kids need support. With pent-up energy and emotions running high, making physical activity a part of your kids’ routines can help diffuse tension, lift spirits, and reestablish a sense of normalcy. One way you can provide a soothing outlet for your kids is with yoga.

Yoga provides kids a powerful way for to build a strong foundation of self-awareness. Yoga teaches kids to slow down, become more aware of themselves and to notice the breath, mind, body and soul. Building a strong foundation in your kids will help them manage the challenges that come with life in a positive way.

Yoga also:

• Teaches techniques for managing anxiety.

• Helps kids’ emotional wellness by focusing on the present moment.

• Increases developmental strength, flexibility and balance needed for health and longevity.

• Boosts confidence and provides empowerment.

• Reinforces kids’ concentration through focusing and memorization abilities.

• Helps kids de-stress about school, homework and peer relationships; yoga is a healthy coping strategy used for a lifetime.

• Increases determination, perseverance, patience and discernment. Yoga is built on layers and levels, so as a kid practices, they gain knowledge helping themselves make more informed decisions leading to intentional actions.

• Improves a person’s mood as it releases negative thoughts and feelings.

Local Yoga Options:

8310 Wilkens Blvd., Mason, Oh; 513-234-0660

3527 Columbia Pkwy., Cincinnati, Oh; 513-321-9644

— or —

2428 High St., Fort Mitchell, Ky; 859-344-9642

8002 Blue Ash Road, Deer Park, Oh; 833-656-9642

3330 Erie Ave., Suite 15, Cincinnati, Oh; 513-533-9642

Yoga Online 

Yoga YouTube channels for kids and more.

Hundreds of yoga videos in a variety of styles. There’s also a Cosmic Kids Yoga app if you want to do lessons off of YouTube.

The recording artist includes playful music, songs and stories while doing yoga poses. Videos are under five minutes, making them good for little kids.

Offers a variety of exercises, games, dances and more to enhance movement, mindfulness, and all-around awesomeness for kids; now launching the GoNoodle Family Club.

Covers yoga, mindfulness, general fitness and more.
BUSY BEING KIDS; 513-833-5581
Learn to teach kids yoga. Call Emily for more information.

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