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November 27, 2022

Giving Back and Cincinnati Toy Drives

Show your kids how great it is to give back to others in need!

Many kids don’t recognize how fortunate they are to have dinner every night. Many kids also have pretty much everything they need in their closets. With the holiday season approaching, it may be a good idea to “expose” your kids to the different ways of life “out there” for others. Giving back to others through volunteering or participating in a toy drive is a great way to do that.

There are plenty of ways for families to reach out and help in the surrounding communities. Here are some considerations while you hone in on what to do:

Project Focus

As a family, brainstorm together to decide what type of volunteer activity you are interested in doing. Ask your kids who they would like to help. Is there a particular cause they know about or are passionate about? What interests, skills, and talents do your family members have? Indoors or outdoors?

Organization’s Mission

Do your research and find out the group’s history and how it got started, the goals and mission, who its leaders are and how it is funded. Check their website and search online for press coverage. Visiting sites such as and can help you, too.


Search for projects that are close to home. Check your local paper, call charitable organizations, or search online to find the perfect places for kids to volunteer in your area.

Time Commitment

Decide how much time you have to volunteer. You can do it as often as you can or sign up for once a week, once a month or once a year. Start slow and gradually increase your involvement if the project is working out well, and expose your children to a wide variety of experiences!

Cincinnati Toy Drives

Donating toys your kids no longer need or want is a great way to help your kids experience the joy of giving to others who may not have as much as they do. Do it together by giving back through one of these local toy drives:

Toys for Tots 

Salvation Army of Greater Cincinnati 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Campaign 

St. Vincent de Paul

Ronald McDonald House Charities


Happen’s Toy Lab

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