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January 28, 2023

Thing We Like: Madcap Puppets!

The Madcap Puppets really know how to put on a show! Mom reporter, Susie Dyson, recently saw their performance of the classical tale, "Pinocchio!"

Madcap Puppets does an astounding job bringing literature to life through their powerful and engaging performances!

This Westside performance group does a number of productions across the city in partnership with schools and libraries. Recently, I took my kids to see “Pinocchio” at the Symmes Library. As a kid, I remember watching the Disney version, but it was neat to see it come to life in a 30-minute puppet show! They show was perfect for kids and adults! 

Two puppeteers told the story of “Pinocchio” – about a puppet who just wanted to be a real boy – through a combination of using puppets, acting and music. The scenery was versatile as the setting changed from Geppetto’s house to Pleasure Island, where children turned into donkeys!

Just like the in the original story line, Geppetto wished for a real boy. Pinocchio was told by the blue fairy if he was a good boy and told the truth, he could be a real boy; but we all know, Pinocchio got distracted and did not always tell the truth. His nose grew, and his choices and distractions made him believe that Pleasure Island was the best place to be. In the end, he realized that he needed to make good choices. He rescued Geppetto from a big fish and voila! He was a real boy! A performance like this is a fantastic way to teach kids life lessons. 

The puppeteers engaged with the audience and got everyone engaged in this fun performance; participants got to play a game as if they were on Pleasure Island, and they wore donkey ears, too! At the end of the performance, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions about the story line and how the puppets worked.

Be sure to check out Pinocchio on December 21 at the Madeira Library and other great performances put on by Madcap Puppets! For more information, check out

About the Author

Susie Dyson

Susie lives in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati with her husband and four kids. She has a 7-Year-old, 6-year-old, 3-year-old and a new baby! Together, they like to explore new things in Cincinnati as well as favorite places like Summit Park and the Cincinnati Nature Center. Susie is a former high school teacher and now a stay-at-home mom. She also enjoys running, being outside, spending time with family and friends, road tripping, participating in her church's activities and drinking coffee.