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May 29, 2024

Mom Report: Fun with Little Learning Hands

Whether you're homeschooling, virtual learning or sending the kiddos back to school, resources such as Little Learning Hands is a great way to introduce learning at-home and make it fun, too.

With summer coming to an end and school about to start, many parents are unsure what the upcoming school year will hold. If you are like many parents and are looking to supplement your child’s learning at-home, check out Little Learning Hands! Our first kit hit on reading, writing, math (measurement through cooking), social skills in turn taking with Table Talk cards, executive functioning skills while following directions, foreign language, geography and fine motor skills!

My kids and I are excited to embark on an adventure around the world with Little Learning Hands Planet Earth! We recently opened up our front door to discover our first box. Once opened, I could tell that the box was packaged with love and care. Inside our box, we found all of the items we need to get started on a journey around the world. Included in our World Explorers – Global Kit, we found a scratch off map of the world, table talk cards, a 3D puzzle of the world, a world explorers passport, a global booklet, global recipes, and a fun World Explorers Backpack to store it all in. 

My 6 year old loved to color the backpack and said she felt like an explorer as soon as she finished it and put it on. She worked hard with her 9-year-old brother to follow the directions put together the 3D puzzle globe. They each wanted to display it in their own rooms, so we had to come to an agreement to put it in our play room so everyone can enjoy it. 

The passport is a fun way for them to document where they have “traveled” to learn about and the global booklet provides them information on the places they will visit. The passport includes an area for the country name, favorite fact about the county, favorite activity and why, and an area for them to draw the country. Afraid you and your kids will forget where you have “traveled”? No worries, the kit comes with a scratch off map to document your travels! 

The kit also comes with global recipes! Not only do you learn about countries, but you also get to create recipes popular in that country. My kids love to be in the kitchen and having them explore recipes while working together on their measurement skills and direction following always puts a smile on my face! To start off, my kids received kid friendly recipes that are easy to read and follow for Berry Ice Cream and No Knead Bread. The recipes came on a think laminated trifold that can be used multiple times. 

We are a huge fan of family dinners in our home. It is a time for us to get together, without tech and talk with each other. The box also included Fun Fact/Table Talk cards that share a fun fact on a theme and then encourage discussions on the same topic. It encouraged us all to talk about topics outside of our usual conversations. I found my daughter sharing the cards with her friends on Messenger Kids, too! 

Out of all of the things in the kit, the “Let’s Travel the World!” book was their favorite. My kids love to read and learn and they sat together taking turns reading until the book was finished. I have added it to our car library as we are often in the car and they can access it and re-read facts as I drive.

We are all excited to begin this journey together from the comforts of our home. Hopefully, some day, we can visit all of these places in person!

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About the Author

Tina Pratt

Tina Pratt is the mom of two littles. She is a former PreK- 5 special education teacher that now works as a behavior coach. She enjoys being a tourist in her own town and finding ways to embed lessons into everyday fun!