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February 25, 2024

Mom Report: A Trip to the CAM Art Climb

Mom reporter, Kelsey Kreke, recently visited the new CAM Art Climb - there are more reasons than one why you should, too!

Nature is all around us. Art is all around us. What happens when you combine both? You get the Cincinnati Art Museum Art Climb. I am so thankful for this free activity opening. My family wanted something to do and we needed to get out of the house for some fresh air and exercise. 

The Art Climb is beautiful – the architectural design, the landscape, the views. While climbing the steps, I realized how out-of-shape I was and how quick my son is! He climbed those stairs like he was Rocky Balboa! When we arrived at the top of the climb, we had a beautiful view of the design. If you continue to walk at the top and follow the sidewalk, you will see an incredible view of the city. I loved that this activity promoted art, nature and exercise. It was refreshing to see families climbing the stairs together, sitting together enjoying lunch and joggers racing to the top.

The Art Climb is a great place to visit during the quarantine. My son fell asleep on the way home and we felt refreshed being able to do an outdoor activity. The CAM states, “Please use caution and handrails when ascending and descending stairs. Please practice social distancing when using the Art Climb.” Some fun facts about the Art Climb that the Cincinnati Art Museum posted is, it’s “nine stories high, 164 steps, 16 landings, four art plazas, integrated with trails, continuous paths and new arrival drive to come.” 

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About the Author

Kelsey Kreke

Kelsey is a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom. She loves hanging out with her son, refurbishing furniture and finding new places to explore in the local area!