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June 25, 2024

Getaway to Legoland Florida

Fall break, anyone? Our dad reporter shares his adventurous scoop!

If you’re looking for a way to treat your family to a fun vacation that won’t let you down, Legoland Florida Resort in Winter Haven, Florida, has it all. Including an amusement park, a water park, lodging, shows, shops, restaurants and more. It has more than 55 rides and attractions.

This past August, my wife, Jenny, and I took our 11-year-old daughter, Sandy, to Legoland Florida for a four-day family vacation. We rode every ride in the park except for the little kid rides.

Legoland Hotel pool


Legoland has two adjacent hotels: Legoland Hotel and Pirate Island Hotel, which has 150 Lego Pirate-themed rooms. The hotels are 130 steps away from Legoland Theme Park. Legoland also offers a Beach Retreat with 83 beach-themed bungalows half a mile from the park. We stayed at Legoland Hotel, which has a swimming pool with a water slide, a free breakfast buffet, nightly entertainment, Brick’s Restaurant, Skyline Lounge and meet-and-greets. The elevators feature Disco music and lighting. Every room features Adventure, Kingdom, LEGO Friends, LEGO NINJAGO, Pirate, or The LEGO MOVIE theming. Jenny booked us in a Pirate-themed room on the second floor, and we loved our room’s theming and cleanliness.

Pirate River Quest

Legoland Theme Park

My family loves roller coasters and we rode Legoland’s three coasters together. Coastersaurus is a family wooden roller coaster that is Lego dinosaur-themed and very tame, too tame for Sandy’s taste. The Great LEGO Race is a steel, wild mouse roller coaster that we all enjoyed. Rounding them out, The Dragon is an indoor/outdoor steel, junior coaster that is Medieval England and green dragon-themed. We thought that it was the best-themed and most enjoyable coaster at Legoland.

The park also has four water rides. Aquazone Wave Racers is a rotating, two-person raft ride. Battle of Bricksburg is a water ride that allows guests to spray DUPLO alien invaders with water guns, and the guests get wet from water sprays. We got so drenched our socks were soaked. Coast Guard Academy is a motorboat ride that allows guests to steer and influence the speed of motorboats around a track. Sandy loved it. Pirate River Quest is a 20-minute boat ride through Cypress Gardens featuring Lego monkeys, Lego alligators and Lego jewels. To add to the fun, a park employee narrates the boat ride and leads the quest to rescue Captain Redbeard and retrieve his lost treasure; this was our favorite water ride.

Escape the heat in Legoland’s three indoor rides. LEGO NINJAGO is a 4-D attraction with four-person vehicles, 3-D glasses and ninja training. Motion sensors project fireballs and lighting at bad guys for points. 


More Rides

Lost Kingdom Adventure is an Egyptian-themed dark ride where you shoot at targets for points. Riders encounter mummies, skeletons, and hidden treasures. It was our favorite themed ride because it was authentically Egyptian. THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight is a motion simulator that is supposed to be Emmet’s Triple Decker Flying Couch. The ride gives the guests the feeling that they are flying in a “Lego Movie” adventure.

There are many other outdoor rides and attractions at the park. Sandy’s favorite was Beetle Bounce, an Egyptian-themed tower that launches guests 15 feet up and has them hop and drop.


We spent one day at the water park. It features Joker Soaker, an interactive play area with water slides, water spouts, climbing areas, and a 300-gallon giant bucket. Sandy and I rode Twin Chasers, a tube  slide attraction for single and double tubes. The blue slide is semi-enclosed, and the yellow slide is enclosed and dark. We enjoyed the yellow tube slide. The darkness made us feel like we were on a science-fiction adventure in space. 

LEGOLAND Water Park Joker Soaker

I experienced Splash Out, which features three body slides, alone. The slide to the extreme left is semi-enclosed and considered the scariest because it drops almost straight down. The middle slide is unenclosed and is the fastest of the three slides. The slide on the extreme right is enclosed and completely dark. It was my least favorite because I had no idea where I was going.  All three of us experienced Build-a-Raft Lazy River and LEGO Wave Pool together – my daughter especially loved the wave pool.

As a father, I highly recommend Legoland Florida for families with children ages 2 to 11. It is a great place for kids who enjoy Lego toys, movies and video games.

Legoland Florida Resort
One Legoland Way
Winter Haven, Florida

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About the Author

Charles Infosino

Charles Infosino is a freelance writer from Fort Thomas and the author of "The Unofficial Guidebook to Paramount’s Kings Island"; "Pina Panda: Adventures in Pandacornlandia"; and "Ultra Bunny: To the Rescue".