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May 29, 2024

Get Moving at Urban Air!

Urban Air Adventure Park Cincinnati is the place to be for kids (and grown-ups) who love to bounce, climb, slide, zip and really get their bodies moving!

Looking for a way to celebrate the end of the school year? A birthday party? A unique place for a scout outing? Or are your kids simply bouncing off the walls? Head to Urban Air!

Get some air! 

Urban Air has a variety of opportunities to get bouncing. From the APEX trampolines, runway tumble track, dodgeball arena, slam dunk zone and more; there are tons of chances to get some air. Probably the most unique trampoline experience is Wipeout, where jumpers have to jump, duck and dodge to avoid rotating cushioned beams that are spinning round and round. 


Reach the sky! 

A fun way to reach the sky is by climbing high. And Urban Air doesn’t just have run-of-the-mill climbing walls, they have a variety of cool climbing walls, too – some climbing holds look like bricks, some are bars, some climbing challenges feature poles ascending towards the ceiling! One thing the climbing challenges all have in common is they push climbers to reach new heights.

Another cool attraction within the climbing zone is the leap of faith. Only the bravest can climb up to the platform where they know they are about to jump off! The Leap of Faith allows jumpers to soar towards either a punching bag or bar, where they can try to grab hold before coasting down to the ground. 

Push Yourself!

Life has many obstacles, and at Urban Air you can face them head on! Whether in the ball-filled Warrior Course or high above the ground on the Ropes Course, both brains and brawn will be used to get from the start to the finish of these courses. The Warrior Course offers up four paths with obstacles like swinging bars, duffle bags; don’t worry about losing balance or your footing, falling in the Warrior Course is fun! The course is a verified giant ball pit. The Ropes Course has challengers harness up and take to the sky for their obstacles which include a giant spider web, swinging bars and more. 


While it is called the “Climbing Hill,” the tricky climb up the cone structure leads to a gigantic metal slide that is so steep, even adults will be saying “wee” on their way down! 

And younger guests will love the two slides in the Tube Playground. They can climb through obstacles to reach a rolling bar slide or up another floor to an even steeper slide. This play structure will be a big hit with little ones!

(Check out this video to see the Sky Rider in action!) 

Soar Through the Sky! 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No wait, that is a person zooming overhead! The Sky Rider experience has people taking flight in the canopy of Urban Air. After harnessing up, riders leap outwards as they zoom around a bend towards a running platform where they gain some speed to zip back to the end. It is a unique experience to be able to look skyward and see people flying through the air! 

My family had the pleasure of visiting Urban Air Adventure Park recently, and we give it a rating of 10 thumbs up! We went from attraction to attraction to test each one out together, and my kids quickly found their favorite zones. My oldest son (9) braved all of the climbing walls, the Sky Rider and the Ropes Course. My middle son (7) resided in the Warrior Zone, only emerging for hydration and to check-in with Mom and Dad. My middle son (4) enjoyed the Tubes Playground, where I got my 10,000 steps of the day in chasing him up and sliding down with him. We all bounced together on the basic trampolines, seeing who could do the best splits, booty bounces and flips. While I may not have been the best at the splits, bounces or flips, I can say I got a really good workout. 

After jumping, climbing, sliding and running around, we definitely needed to refuel. The cafe serves up a variety of foods to help keep kids going … this mom would recommend the pizza and strawberry lemonade Icees as a special treat!  

Who: Birthday kids!, scout groups, church groups, toddlers, teens, grown-ups! 

What: Urban Air is a HUGE Adventure Park featuring not just trampolines, but a variety of climbing walls, a warrior course, ropes course, zip line and giant indoor playground. It is a one-stop-shop for happy kids that will 100 percent be going home tired and happy. 

When: NEW! Summer hours + more time for fun at Urban Air. Mon – Thur 12 – 8 p.m. | Fri 12 – 9 p.m. | Sat 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. | Sun 12 – 8 p.m. 

Where: Urban Air Adventure Park Cincinnati is located at 3321 Alamo Ave. in Cincinnati

How Much: Ultimate Packages (includes all attractions listed above) $27; Deluxe Attractions $22; Basic Attractions $17

Find out more by visiting or give 513-322-3130 a call. 


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Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).